Asphalt PLANT 27
“We discovered that the run-off from our Asphalt Manufacturing plant could make its way into the Cal-Sag Canal. We challenged Leahy-Wolf to provide us a high performance, low-cost, yet environmentally safe lubricant for use throughout our plants. Keanan and his team literally innovated a product that out-performed our previous ones, and yet met all environmental safety standards.” 
Asphalt Company Executive



Vultrex G Series


Red tacky greases designed to lubricate wheel bearings, bushings, king pins and chassis points, encountered in the mining, construction, forestry and transportation industries. These applications involve vibration and shock loading, which require extreme pressure properties.

Precision XL 5

Precision XL Series


PRECISION XL greases are formulated with Petro-Canada Hydro-treated base oils and other selected oils, water-resistant adhesive polymers, extreme pressure additives and inhibitors against oxidation and corrosion.

Gear Oil


Enduratex EP Gear Oil


ENDURATEX gear oils are extreme pressure lubricants designed for enclosed industrial gear drives operating under severe load conditions or in wide temperature extremes. Available in ISO grades 150/220/320/460

Heat Transfer Fluid


Petro-Therm Heat Transfer Oil

PETRO-THERM heat transfer oil performs in non-pressurized, liquid phase, closed heat transfer systems operating at bulk fluid temperatures up to 315°C/599°F.

Heat Transfer Fluid Testing

Koziol Round Head Shot

Heat transfer fluid testing

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