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Meet Scott Bachert
With over 15 years of experience in this industry, Scott is a highly skilled lubricant sales professional who excels at solving problems and providing technical knowledge within a variety of areas.  In addition to his strong work ethnic, Scott is also dedicated to his customers by extending their critical equipment component life through effective lubrication best practices.


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The PEERLESS family of greases are premium performance, multi-application greases formulated to reduce operating costs and provide extended protection in extreme high temperatures or wet operating conditions.



Hydraulic fluids such as water-based water glycol and full synthetic polyalkylene glycol (PAG) are used in high temperature applications and in situations where standard mineral oils could catch fire. PAGs have several advantages over other hydraulic fluids, including high temperature stability (resistance to thermal degradation), hydrolytic stability (resistance to breaking down in the presence of water), superior lubrication (reducing friction and extending component life), oxidation stability (low molecular polar by-products that do not form sludge or varnish), high viscosity index (maintaining consistent viscosity over a wide temperature range), compatibility with commonly used elastomers (gaskets, seals, and hoses), and Factory Mutual approval (meeting insurance requirements).





COMPRO Compressor fluids provide long and reliable service life in industrial air compressor applications. The COMPRO line of products provides excellent oxidative stability and strong resistance to sludge and varnish formation, while reducing overall compressor maintenance costs.



Petro-Canada provides a complete line of lubricants for gear drives and bearing systems operating under the toughest conditions — whether under extreme pressure or wide ranges of temperature.



Leahy-Wolf Lubricants is able to service the northwest Indiana area from two convenient locations, one in Addison, IL and one in Porter, IN. With a fleet of 13 delivery trucks, Leahy-Wolf is able to reach customers in a timely manner and provide the necessary lubricants and fluids. Each truck is equipped with four segregated pumps and meters, allowing for the proper handling and delivery of different types of fluids. By having multiple locations and a reliable fleet of delivery trucks, Leahy-Wolf is able to meet the needs of its customers in northwest Indiana and beyond.


Lubricant testing and analysis is a crucial aspect of maintaining and improving the performance of machinery and equipment. By regularly testing and analyzing lubricants, it is possible to identify any problems or potential issues that may be impacting the efficiency of the equipment. For example, lubricant testing can help to identify contaminants that may be present in the lubricant, as well as measure the wear of the lubricant and assess its overall condition. This information can be used to optimize the lubrication program, extend the life of the equipment, and improve overall performance. Additionally, lubricant testing and analysis can be used to verify that the lubricant meets the necessary specifications and requirements for a particular application. Overall, lubricant testing and analysis is an important tool for ensuring that machinery and equipment are operating at their best.