Petro-Therm™ is a heat transfer oil developed for use in non-pressurized, liquid phase heat transfer systems operating at bulk fluid temperatures up to 315°C (599°F). It is specifically formulated to provide long service life and excellent thermal efficiency in a variety of industrial applications while resisting oxidative and thermal degradation.



Petro-Therm will give long, economical service in various industrial process applications such as asphalt plants, marine, wood processing, dry kilns and institutional laundry and heating. To inquire on a specific application or for technical service advice, contact Matt Koziol below.

Service Life

PetroTherm has been designed to provide long service life under normal operating conditions up to the fluid’s maximum recommended temperature. However, actual fluid life is dependent upon system design and maintenance practices. It is recommended that the oil’s condition be monitored on a regular basis as the rate of change of physical characteristics is more significant than the actual values.

Features and Benefits
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Resists high temperature degradation
  • Long fluid life
  • Low fluid make-up
  • Minimizes sludge and coke formation
  • Helps to lower maintenance costs
  • Good physical properties at an economical price
  • High thermal efficiency over a wide temperature range
  • Easy system start-up
  • Low vapour pressure
  • Resists corrosion
  • Not considered a toxic* substance according to OSHA (United States), WHMIS (Canada), and DPD (Europe)
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Not all base oils are created equal.

As a pioneer in the manufacturing of Group II and Group III base oils, Petro-Canada applies more than 30 years of experience in choosing the right catalyst and selecting high-quality feedstock. 

Petro-Canada uses the HT PURITY Process to remove impurities that can hinder performance to provide you with crystal-clear, 99.9% pure base oil.

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