Over the years we’ve been able to rely on Leahy-Wolf’s products to support our unblemished food safety record. We’re confident that their lubricants are not only food-grade, but deliver efficiencies throughout our plant operations. 

Quality Assurance Manager, Food Plant


Challenge: Complying with federally mandated chemistry while maximizing lubricants’ operational effectiveness in a dynamic environment.

logo-puritySafe food is not negotiable. Throughout food processing plants, food can potentially come in contact with lubricants at several points; from the processing machines, to the conveyor belts, from forklifts all the way through the trucking phase. All lubricants used in food plants must strictly adhere to food safety standards.

Partnering with Leahy-Wolf is Petro-Canada Lubricants, the world’s largest manufacturer of food grade white oils. Petro-Canada brings a unique understanding of this highly demanding industry and the specialized products needed to do the job.

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  Food Grade Hydraulic Fluids

  Food Grade Gear Oils

  Food Grade Compressor Fluids

  Food Grade Chain Fluids 

  Food Grade Greases

  Food Grade White Oils

  Food Grade Aerosol Spray

  Food Grade Heat Transfer Fluids

  Food Grade Trolley Fluid